FOR OUR HEROES wants you to be fully satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days from delivery receipt.  If you are not satisfied, please contact us directly to receive a Return Authorization.


Defective Items – 60 Day Warranty

Purchases of FOR OUR HEROES flags, plaques, keychains or any other related item are covered by a limited 60-day warranty.  This warranty coverage is applicable against defects in material, manufacturing and workmanship.   If a product is found defective, FOR OUR HEROES will either repair or replace the item on behalf of the CUSTOMER.  Replacements will be the same product, or similar, if previous product is no longer available.          

Defects are described as anything which will render the product(s) “unusable or unviewable” such as wood warps, splits or broken/separated joints.  Product descriptions define expected wood conditions and what splits, knots, damage and limited sanding/staining are to be seen. Natural colorations, grain patterns or shadings of the wood are NOT considered defects.   Returns due to material, manufacturing or workmanship defects will be warrantied for a period of 60 days from the date of receipt.  Return shipping will be paid for by FOR OUR HEROES.  Please contact us at

Defective items accepted for return will:

  • Be Authorized in advance by FOR OUR HEROES
  • Be Shipped back to FOR OUR HEROES
  • Return Shipping to FOR OUR HEROESwill be Paid for by FOR OUR HEROES
  • Return Shipping to the CUSTOMER(if applicable) will be at FOR OUR HEROES expense


Shipping /Freight Damage

If a product arrives with visible damage, it is recommended to refuse delivery (if possible), requiring the carrier to return the package to the original shipping point.  Reports of hidden damage must be made to FOR OUR HEROES immediately after receipt along with a written description of the damages and photo(s).  Return shipping will be paid for by FOR OUR HEROES.


Other Issues Past 60 Day Warranty

FOR OUR HEROES will do our best to make you satisfied with your purchase. 


Customized / Personalized / Special Order Products

Due to the CUSTOMER specific nature of custom/special order/personalized items, these products are not eligible for returns.  Exclusions are for damage during shipping and or manufacturing and workmanship defects.


ALL returns require prior authorization.  Please email for authorization.  Authorized goods for return must be received within 14 days of authorization, in the original packaging.